Felt – Claire Tindale

Felt returns to Salts Mill for a limited run as part of Saltaire Festival 2021.

In Claire Tindale's site-responsive installation, wool is used as the central material to explore the industrial heritage of the mill and surrounding village.

At the heart of the large-scale installation, occupying the industrial scale of the temporary gallery space, is a village of hundreds of small hand-crafted houses. In a process akin to a kind of alchemy, loose natural wool fibres are transformed into a solid material state, becoming ‘felt’.

The houses have been carefully sculpted using special needle-felting techniques to a design developed by Tindale. These skills have then been shared with members of the public through a series of workshops. Contributing to the collective growth and development of the model village, the houses created by groups of workshop participants, from the local area, Manchester and further afield, sit alongside those created by the artist, thereby bringing various diverse communities together.

In responding to the historic and contemporary contexts of the mill and village, the work explores the relationship between industry and home, the communities that develop and the supportive, symbiotic relationship that results.

Claire Tindale is a Manchester based artist working primarily with sculpture and installation. She uses the miniature and variations in scale to explore physical and psychological spaces, responding to environments and those who occupy them.

Felt was commissioned by Saltaire Inspired for the 2021 Saltaire Arts Trail and originally exhibited in May/June 2021. Kindly supported by Arts Council England, Salts Mill, Curtis Wool and Campaign for Wool.

Salts Mill Roof Space; 10 - 19 September
11am - 4pm daily (closed Monday & Tuesday); FREE