Kathryn Watson

Showing in Open Gardens Sculpture Trail
Kathryn is a Fine Artist who makes sculptural ceramics. Her work is hand built, she intuitively responds to the clay as it spirals and twists to create unique organic forms. As the clay dries it is carved, scraped and sometimes burnished. The work is rarely glazed allowing the different clay bodies and atmospheres of the firings to enhance the surface.

Kathryn grew up in Sheffield and returned in 2012 to the family home where she now has a studio. Structures of both the natural and manmade world are referenced in her work. City centre architecture, prehistoric carvings , millstones and rock carvings on the edges of the Peak District and the flora and fauna of her garden all inspire.
She likes her work to become integrated into the environment, for instance in a garden ,nestling in a herbaceous border, resting on a stone wall or raised on an old tree stump.

Instagram: _ kw_ceramic_sculpture