Lasting Impressions


Lasting Impressions by Hannah Lamb & Claire Wellesley-Smith
Salts Mill, Spinning Room

Performance work by Hannah Lamb and Claire Wellesley-Smith, taking place at Salts Mill everyday during Saltaire Arts Trail.

Whilst visitors to Salts Mill will be well aware of the mill’s textile heritage, how many make the connection to the clothes they wear day-to-day? This project asks us to consider the cloth we carry with us all the time; Where does it come from? Where will it go? What impression will it leave on our own lives? What mark will it leave on the world?

Taking place as a series of timetabled performances, that involves the artists embossing hundreds of small porcelain tiles with textures from visitors clothing; an edge of a dress, the corner of a cuff, a coat zip...

Performances each day (28-30 May) between: 
11am & 12 noon  |  1pm & 2pm  |  3pm & 4pm

Visitors are welcome to participate.

Each tile made will be archived with a label written by the owner of the clothing, sharing a personal narrative of cloth and clothing. In exchange for leaving a mark from their clothing, each participant will be offered the chance to have a stitch added to their clothes by the artists. The work will grow with each impression left, and each mark made: a multi-vocal collection of stories.

Hannah Lamb
Hannah Lamb is a practicing artist with a studio in Saltaire, West Yorkshire. She studied BA (Hons) Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University (2001), followed by a masters in Textiles also at Manchester Metropolitan University. Hannah is an exhibiting artist and has shown work across the UK and overseas. She is a member of the 62 Group of Textile Artists.

Hannah has taught as a visiting lecturer at various universities and also teaches independent workshops in her studio. For the last eleven years she has taught embroidery and textile design at Bradford School of Art, where she is Programme Leader for Textiles and Surface Design. Her studio in The Butterfly Rooms, Saltaire will also be open for Saltaire Arts Trail.


Claire Wellesley-Smith
Claire Wellesley-Smith is an artist and writer based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Her work is often community-based and looks at how place, heritage and memory connect people to their surrounding environment. She specialises in creating collaborative and site-specific projects with communities using craft practices to untangle, connect, explore, imagine and re-imagine places and personal narratives with participants.

Claire is an experienced teacher and workshop facilitator and has exhibited widely. Her book ‘Slow Stitch: Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art’ was published by Batsford in Autumn 2015.


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