Anna Lilleengen

Showing in Open Houses
Anna Lilleengen is a Yorkshire-based fine art photographer with family roots in Scandinavia. In her work she explores transience and 'being in the world' through her abstract, affective landscape photography. She uses vintage cameras and analogue processes to capture a sense of physical fragility set against strength of mind/ presence/ memory. She has an MA in Time and Image-based Media from Harrogate School of Art & Design / Leeds Metropolitan University (2012).

She says: "Initially looking at themes of memory, belonging and identity in relation to my Scandinavian heritage, I soon became interested in how the Northern landscape could serve as an uncanny backdrop for explorations into the human mind."

Abstract forest and water images invite the viewer to leave the commonplace behind and voyage inwards. The viewer is offered an experience of the sublime through the romantic aesthetic of the images, which simultaneously bring the viewer's attention to the reality of the image as constructed via an honest exposure of the techniques involved in their creation e.g. in-camera double exposure of images onto film. 

This is the second year in a row that Anna is exhibiting at Saltaire Arts Trail Open Houses. 'Metamorphosis Series II', on show this year, is created with a 1930s Zeiss Ikon camera with medium format film. The work explores the magical 5th element of ether and asks where the line that divides dream, fantasy or imagination from reality goes. Who decides? 


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