Ben Partridge

Showing in Makers Fair
I am a product-based printmaker specialising in linocuts and screen prints based on the British Woodland and coastline. All my products are handmade in my home studio in Sheffield and original designs. My fascination with surface pattern design is evident from my work and this is combined with my love of the British Woodland. I use repeat designs of single images to create interesting pattern work, a lot of the time my aim if for the audience to lose the sense of image  when my work is viewed from a distance and instead see pattern, however when the product is seen closer the finer image is intended to be more evident (See bee print example).

I have a range of animal motifs used for home wares and stationary, which feature as repeat designs for textile prints used for cushions, lampshades and other textile items (such as kitchen ware). I also make a range of corresponding ceramics (Bone China ceramics kiln fired with screen printed decals) as well as cards and stationary items. I aim to combine 2 skills (and passions)  printmaking and textile work. Many of my designs are developed from original screen printed fine art prints to complement my original lino cuts. The more recent prints I am creating have become quite unique with the addition of stitch . Machine embroidery into paper based prints create a unique approach to printmaking. I always aim to source any materials I use for my products as locally as possible. Most materials are sources in Sheffield, Leeds, Derby and Manchester. My products are bright and colourful and can't help but be seen.