Cath Brooke

Showing in Open Houses
Cath Brooke is a Leeds based printmaker inspired by urban and industrial landscapes. Cath studied fine art at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne where her love for print making started. Prints start with sketches of an area before being re worked back in the studio. Recent work has focused on the industrial landscapes of the North East around Middlesbrough and Redcar and the North and South Gare at Teeside. There is a wealth of material to draw from as an artist, with huge contrasts between the vast industrial structures and the nature reserves and beaches sitting alongside each other.

Cath has recently been involved in two residencies with printmakers group Inkers at Bradford Industrial Museum, followed by Cliffe Castle Museum, in Keighley. Both have given her the opportunity to explore different subject matters, working with Shuttles at Bradford and Skulls at Keighley. Both have challenged Cath to work in a new way, as well as informing her usual work. All Cath's prints are created in small editions of 4 or 5 prints, and most combine different processes, such as drypoint with monoprint. Each print is rolled through an etching press several times to build up the different layers of colour. Due to the nature of hand inking, each print will be unique.


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