Chloe Beecham

Showing in Open Houses
The concept of this piece draws upon the idea that textiles and embroidery is often seen as being a woman's work rather than fine art. The piece currently consists of five cement cylinders (approx. 6cm in diameter and 21cm tall. The whole piece is 26cm wide). The cylinders are loosely stitched together using rubber cord. Using industrial materials such as cement and rubber means the piece becomes more sculptural, which allows for the question of whether it is the materials used rather than the process, which dictates if something is art. It also creates a contrast between the feminine craft process, and the masculine industrial materials. Chloe Beecham is a graduate from Manchester School of Art. She is an artist interested in contrasts between the masculine and the feminine, often using the traditional practice of embroidery to create contemporary sculpture, installation and drawing. She has exhibited nationally and is currently developing her practice alongside occasional teaching.