Chrissie Freeth

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I'm a tapestry weaver working on a traditional wooden upright loom; I also work with looms built from scaffolding and acro props. My work is usually large scale and take months to weave. I use hand-dyed wool and a palette heavily influenced by the muted colours of the Yorkshire landscape. My inspirations as a weaver are firmly rooted in pre-Renaissance mural tapestries but I like to weave what would normally have been hidden or uncelebrated and lean towards the spontaneous, dark and atmospheric, all aspects which are at odds with the methodical, slow going, warmth traditionally associated with tapestry weaving. I enjoy the technical demands of weaving as well as the creative process and as an archaeologist I am fascinated by its legacy. I am committed to the promotion and preservation of traditional textile crafts and exploring them as a contemporary art form.


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