Clare Lane

Showing in Open Houses
Colour, Pattern, Place, Play, Make …
These are the watch words which drive my practice and the way that I approach things. My visual interest is in the portrayal of the built environment as the landscape of a modern urban society, its’ changing spaces and places, and its’ cyclical regeneration. My work is a collection of the familiar, and a scene, that could be from any town or city, informs each piece. The response might be purely documentary, or abstract, or simply a collection of visual notes, but colour and pattern is always a driving factor. Our urban environment is a dynamic, vibrant place which is in a constant state of flux, and yet buildings are seen as static things – solid and immovable. This dichotomy fascinates, and challenges me, and reflects my working life, which was initially concerned with the physicality, structure and fabric, of our built environment, and now, has me questioning how we see this environment, and the meanings we attribute it.

Whilst my work can be seen as having a documentary quality, it is driven by a playful exploration of how we see the places and spaces which make up our cities. My work combines photography and digital imaging with abstract pattern design, which is expressed through both digital and silk screen printing onto a textile surface. The expression of outline, texture and relief is added through stitch, the final compositions being akin to a contemporary “tapestry”, in both technique and visual reference.