David Starley

Showing in Open Houses - Resident Artist
I first studied art at Sydney University whilst working in a steel foundry. After a subsequent career in archaeology, my working life is now focused on painting. I am a member of The Aire Valley Arts Group work from a studio at the Dockfield Road Creative Arts Hub, in Shipley.

With a distinctively personal style, oil paint is very thickly applied with a knife to produce a three-dimensional, almost sculpted, image. This adds great depth and produces a surface that responds subtly to the changing light in the display environment.

The subjects of my paintings are mainly landscapes, often featuring native flora or historic man-made features including the architecture of Saltaire. In recent years I have turned my attention to woodland and 'portraits' of individual trees, familiar objects in our environment, but too often taken for granted. Where, previously, they had featured very much in the background of my paintings, now they have become the central focus of the work. By portraying the forms and character of individual specimens, or focusing in on the texture of bark and other elements, the viewer is led to a greater appreciation of these living structures.

Website: davidstarleyartist.com

Facebook: Starley.Art