Ella Erskine

Showing in Open Houses

Having discovered papercutting in recent years, I now create intricate silhouette style designs. Using such a fragile medium brings unique challenges, and cutting with a fine blade- solely by hand- requires intuition. One wrong slice can mean starting again! My pieces are precise yet fluid; minimalist but detailed.

Leeds has been home to me for over a decade now, and over the last few years its landmarks have become a real inspiration. Skyline views from a hill, the familiarity of buildings after a journey, or a gorgeous sunset still prompt ideas. Many of my designs are influenced by settings which hold personal or local significance: abbeys, towers, urban scenes as well as trees, leaves and seasonal flowers.

My original compositions are often monochrome- although some play with vivid juxtapositions of colour through backing or infills. I love the shadows that are created, and this depth of dimension is captured by 'floating' the cuts when framing.

Exhibited pieces are individually priced.

Facebook: auroraartuk

Twitter: aurora_art_

Instagram: auroraartpapercut