Felicia Charles

Showing in Open Houses
My ‘Flow’ collection takes an expressive view on themes of freedom, strength and hope. Each piece has been inspired by my own healing process; through which the free-flowing nature of this work in the application of my brushes and palette knife and the indulgence of colour and texture, continues to invigorate. I work deliberately with each colour feeling my way through, constantly mindful of the energy I want to transfer.

Each title provides a hint to content and interpretation. However, there isn't a right or wrong. Each person interprets differently or sees different images coming through the background of each piece, that’s what I love about art.

The collection and the way I paint to this day all started with the piece titled ‘Midas Touch’. A happy accident during a series of workshops I delivered. The portrait was dedicated to a strong and inspiring friend of mine. This was a complete experiment with materials and leftover paints, I found the whole process invigorating.

While I use a variety of materials and techniques in each piece, my methodology is consistent. Although the flow of each piece may differ slightly depending on the project and subject matter, the whole collection is cohesive and therefore determines the form of the work.

Website: feliciacharlesart.com

Twitter: @FeliciaHandmade