Fionnuala Mottishaw

Showing in Open Houses
I take advantage of the art space as a location for alternative worlds. Meaning I bring in elements of the world as we know it and alter them. Through doing this I'm attempting to transport the viewer and unsettle their sense of a reality/fiction divide. I create the artefacts through pilfering from numerous sources and taking aspects can be reset within an invented narrative. The first time I met The Witch she was in the form of a toad. She croaked at me and I, thinking it only polite, croaked back. I was also in the form of a toad but for different reasons. She told me about her life here, trawling the dross-stream and various of the most interesting things that she had pulled up. In return I told her how I did not know weather I was going forwards or backwards (sideways, which is always a possibility, was not discussed). We mutually agreed that I was probably going in spirals and The Witch said that she, personally, had always thought the spiral the best form in which to travel. I went a bit red and said I was just doing the only thing I could (but was secretly very flattered by the compliment). The work, which would be inserted into this space is a series of objects which act as a tantalising doorway to a potential other world. However, this transitional place it is not an area of restriction but of creativity. Thus my objects, as natives of this territory, are caught in a state of metamorphosis. This is typified by their incongruous imagery, which heavily references folklore but never sets out any single narrative into which these would fit. What is created is an intermediary space in-between the real and the imagined.


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