Geoff Latz

Showing in Open Houses
I am a Bradford based artist, specialising in the area called 'Upscaling'. In this area I create artwork from pieces of unwanted materials, that have become surplus to requirements that would otherwise go to waste. I work predominantly in various metals, i.e. copper, steel, wire etc, but use whatever reclaimed materials are necessary to create my artwork. I took an avid interest in 'upscaling' when my first piece 'Anne Galleon', a ship which was inspired by those found in Spain's 16th Century fleet, was exhibited at Cartwright Hall, Bradford in 2009. From there my work has evolved and I have exhibited throughout the UK. My aim is to create things that are inspiring and that catch people's interest and imagination and some of my pieces are kinetic or use LED lights.

One of my passions is history and I take a lot of inspiration from this and the great minds of the past, eg. Leonardo da Vinci, when creating my work. I like to make things that have an educational value, to inspire people of all ages as I feel we all have the ability to create within us. I create art, not just for art's sake, but to create something that tells a story. I enjoy seeing people's reaction to my work, especially as they try to work out what the various components are, as they are used in a way for which they were never actually intended!


Facebook: geofflatzart