Keith Ayling

Showing in Open Houses
The character Mister Keith, a Victorian musician from the north of England who frequents music halls singing tales of life, love and loss is pictured in a series of photographs taken during his travels across the region. Locations include the Victorian warehouses of Manchester's fashion quarter, the beauty of Preston's Victorian Avenham Park, Clitheroe Castle and the Victorian seaside resort of Lytham St.Annes. But, essentially these locations speak in to the heart of where we are from and the industry that brought us here.

Exhibited alongside the photographs are a selection of lyrics written by the character and (if appropriate) music can be heard in the background. The viewer is transported in to a world that not only used to be, but still exists in us all as a heritage from which we cannot escape. The project photography was conceived by Keith Ayling, who was also art director and model, working with two further creative partners to produce the final images. 


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