Liz Tolan

Showing in Open Houses
My art education began in 1967 with a Foundation year at Bradford Regional College of Art, followed by a year at Central School of Art and Design. Some years then passed before I completed a BA in Fine Art at Bradford College in 2011. Current work is based on family photographs and my interest is in the nature of the photograph itself as well as the subjects of snapshots and more formally posed pictures. I began by drawing the pictures that went by on the slideshow of a sleeping laptop, then started using physical photos. I was drawn to those that were somehow odd or had imperfections (blotches, flashes of light, the shadow of a finger over the lens), and those altered by time and use (creased, torn, faded, stained pictures).

The imperfect, damaged, faded nature of the photographic images served as a commentary on their subjects who were people caught briefly on beaches, in domestic groups and formal occasions. They are fixed in time, but their images are subject to decay as they themselves are. Increasingly I was concerned with those former selves of people who have moved on from the beach or school hall or wedding and no longer exist, whether or not they are still alive. The paintings do not attempt to reproduce the photographs but to explore the essence of those former people and their photographic images, and the transitory nature of both.

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