Louise Atkinson

Showing in Open Houses
I am a visual artist working in a range of media, including drawing, artist books, sculpture, and collage. My current series of work uses collage techniques to produce colourful landscapes from a range of papers, photographs, and maps. This series is called Place Myths and is inspired by my interest in the material culture of tourism. The term place myths was coined by Nina Lubbren and David Crouch as a way of describing how the sights associated with a location gain traction in the public consciousness. The hand-made collages aim to evoke these associations using images taken from holiday catalogues interspersed with bold blocks of colour. Although the images are not based on real places, the use of colour and image is intended to conjure up feelings and memories of past tourist experiences. The imaginary quality of the work also aims to critique the use of visual images in tourist literature as a way of generating desire in the traveller.

Website: louiseatkinson.co.uk

Twitter: loubietheartist

Instagram: loubietheartist