Maddy Smith

Showing in Open Houses
I am a Yorkshire based fine artist who explores the biological development of natural forms through the consideration of their vulnerability to their own individual environment. I explore this through utilising materials that are vulnerable to changes in environment such as light, heat and movement, which reflects ideas in regards to the fragility of life forms.

I look to inspiration from D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson's book, On Growth and Form in which he studies nature in immaculate detail to prove that biological forms are the product of mathematical physical principles meaning that they are a product of their own environment. In consideration to this, my sculptures and installations are often site specific due to variations in light and movement. Recently I have also taken inspiration from the Japanese perception of art. The basic characteristic of Japanese culture is a love of nature that has resulted in a refined appreciation of the beauty of nature, and the art of living in harmony with nature as the wisdom of life.

In the installation pictured, I built up layers of thread on a wire frame to create shadows and highlights within the form that resemble these ancient paintings. There is no adhesive to attach to the thread to the wire and therefore is very vulnerable to movement which causes the structure to sway and breathe within its environment. 


Twitter: @MaddySmithArt