Madeleine Phiri

Showing in Open Houses
I'm a photographic artist exploring traditional and alternative photographic processes, such as Pinhole Photography, Cyanotypes or Liquid Light. For this years Arts Trail I am exhibiting 17 colour Pinhole photographs from the series 'Where the Sun Goes to Sleep'.

Have you ever felt the desire to stare into the sun? To go to the place where the sun rises and sets? Other stars can be observed in the night sky and have been recorded millions of times - but what about the sun? Where the Sun Goes to Sleep is a series of long exposure photographs recorded with my own home made analogue pinhole cameras over varying time periods and all over the world - from the Isle of Wight over Greece to Japan. The lines are the rising and setting sun; shallow in the winter, nicely arched in the summer and interrupted by clouds. Frost, heat and humidity leave their unique traces on the delicate negative. The exposures range from 2 days to 14 months. 


Twitter: @MadeleinePhiri