Marc Langley

Showing in Open Houses
My work is centered around adventure and travel photography with an emphasis on climbing. Recently my focus has been on the North Yorkshire climbing scene, including the people and the landscapes in which they climb.
Capturing the climb is just part of the story, I am also inspired to capture the moments in between; the camaraderie, the chat of success and failure with a flask of tea and the character and spirit of the climbers set against the backdrop of the landscapes that surround us. The beauty of climbing photography is that it also gives me exposure to the natural landscapes of the world, this exposure presents another opportunity to create images that showcase the landscapes and places in which we climb.

Photography, along with my climbing, has become an obsession. Conceptualisation is key to my work; a particular photo has often been visualized many times in my imagination prior to the exposure. The mood, the lighting and the movement of my subjects in the environment are what’s important to me. It is the portrayal of these elements, combined with my organic approach to photography, which I try to convey to the audience.
Authenticity is a key characteristic of my portfolio, and one I hold in high regard. I am passionate about ensuring the images I capture are honest, true reflections of what is in front of the lens. I am motivated by the planning and execution of digital photography, rather than the post-processing wizardry which has become so prevalent in the field today. I would much rather be out trying to complete one more line, or shooting one last composition between poor weather, rather than manipulating my images from behind the screen of my computer.


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