Sarah Harris

Showing in Open Houses
My work consists of limited edition screen prints that begin as pen drawings. I have always enjoyed the exploration of landscapes, especially around Yorkshire and Cumbria, and I combine this curiosity for my surroundings with my practice. I endeavour to produce an image that brings you into the reality of that scene, whilst evoking a feeling of nostalgia and sense of discovery.

To start each piece I go out and investigate the subject with my camera, often viewing it from many different viewpoints. Once back at the studio the image is interpreted into a pen and ink drawing that is the same size as the finished print, to retain the quality of line work. The drawing is then used as a template for the final screen print.

Having graduated in 2005 with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design I had spent most of my career working within retail head offices, in a variety of roles including design, marketing and buying. It was through an evening course I attended at Leeds College of Art in 2011 where I re-discovered my love of drawing and was also reintroduced to printmaking.

After a period of unemployment, and after some family encouragement, I started to sell my prints in 2012 after I gained funding through the New Enterprise Allowance scheme to support my first few months working as an artist.

In 2013 I was awarded The Curzon Exhibition Award, this gave me the opportunity to have my first solo show, Discovering Yorkshire, in 2014. Then in 2014 I won the People's Choice prize at the Flourish Award, for excellence in Printmaking, and I had two prints shortlisted the following year. In 2015 my Brimham Rocks print shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and in 2016 my Staithes Harbour print was selected for the Platform Open.


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