Sarah Jane Mason

Showing in Open Houses
I am exhibiting pieces that have recently been on display as part of Pafos Capital of Culture 2017. The works are a selection from the past 15 years of my practise and focus entirely on work created during my annual residencies at Cyprus College of Art in Lemba (Pafos District, Cyprus.) These residencies allows me to immerse myself in my own practice without the distraction of the multiple project work and teaching that occupies most of my head space and time back here in the UK.

Since 2002 my work has gone through many changes in direction, theme and subject matter. However there are strong visual links between many of the pieces; a strong Mediterranean palette, a use of found bases/supports, a mixed media approach often incorporating elements of collage and layered imagery lending a descriptive narrative, are all repeated features.

I am curious about materials and processes, nature and landscapes, people and the societies we live in, female roles and young people’s voices, politics, detritus, power, life stories and reflecting on my own personal experiences. As such my practice reflects these interests; combining the seemingly fragmented into interlinked narratives of contemporary life. These narratives are then explored through material choices, juxtaposing imagery, text, social commentary and quiet contemplation.


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Twitter: masonsarahjane