Simon Turner

Showing in Open Houses
PNEÜ is a contemporary upcycling creative, currently with two ranges that include jewellery and lighting pieces. The main range includes jewellery that has been hand crafted from upcycled bicycle innertubes and preloved, vintage beads. The supporting range includes lanterns created from upcycled plastic beer kegs with spray painted designs creating magical light displays on ceilings and walls.

Many plastics and rubbers used in modern living are often disposed of into landfill with no thought for the environment and often taking more than 50 years to biodegrade. What better way to help preserve the environment for future generations than to breathe a whole new existence into these materials, developing their aesthetics and repurposing them into a whole new existence?

" I have worked with a number of different mediums over the past few years, with all paths seemingly drawing me towards upcycling and repurposing products that are discarded by others. " Simon Turner

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