Stuart Royse

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I studied Fine Art BA (Hons) at Wolverhampton, graduating in 1979. From there I began a career in Advertising Photography in Manchester, initially as an assistant before setting up my own studio in 1984. Along with producing creative images for advertising and design I have continued to pursue and develop my own personal work over the years. The main areas of work are Landscape, Seascape, Industrial and Still Life. These different genres are all approached with a similar discipline in mind, each having an underlying attentiveness to simplicity, paring down the image to achieve a purity of content and form.

All work is carefully crafted and presented to the highest standard of print quality on Halnemuhle Fine Art Paper. Historically, I have produced several large scale projects such as An Urban River in 1998, which looked closely at the journey of an urban river in the changing industrial heartland of the North West of England, from source to sea. Another large scale project was Flooded Woodland (2007) which was made up of 12 huge panoramic pieces exploring the changing seasons over an entire year in one specific place. Both these projects toured in both public and private galleries. Other projects are usually produced as individual images or in a short series. 

"At heart Royse is an explorer, but not one who has to travel far; instead he looks inside and in between the things we think we know. In this instance [Flooded Woodland], he has been driven to explore things close to home and remind us there is always something new to learn about the apparently familiar. And with Royse's sense of aesthetics and skills as a photographer, this is always a pleasurable experience.”

Paul Herrmann, Director of Redeye. March 2006


Twitter: @stuartroyse

Twitter: @stuartroyse