Bear Print Design


Jo fell into printmaking after a family holiday road trip to Canada in 2011. They set off from Montreal and drove more than 15,000km to the Rocky Mountains and back. Her partner is an ecologist and they were purposefully looking for wildlife. Jo and her family saw many animals over the course of six weeks including moose, bison, beaver, lynx, great grey owl, lots of other birds and more than 30 black bear (sometimes at very close quarters). One particular young bear ambled out of the forest in search of buffalo berries. Jo watched him for ages from the safety of their car and she knew she had to save the moment. Jo hadn’t done any printmaking since art college but lino print seemed the perfect medium. The print she made on her return now features on several of her products and the same little bear is the symbol on her logo.

Jo loves to design prints which combine animals, nature and ideas from folklore. She worked as a children’s books illustrator in the early part of her career and now tries to create images that seem to tell stories. Jo also likes to support charities who support the animals she takes inspiration from; this year, she is donating to Polar Bears International and The Bumblebee Conservation Trust.


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