Elizabeth Lloyd Textiles

Based in Northumberland I am a textile artist producing scarves, blankets and rugs. Yarns are hand dyed to reflect the rich colours of the landscape and are then woven on an eight shaft floor loom.

Designs are taken from traditional weaving patterns, with just a few of each design woven at a time. Subtle variations in the dyed yarn makes each piece unique.

Rugs and blankets are both warm and hard waring, woven from a mix of wools, including some British rare breeds. Blankets are woven double width on the loom and then unfolded to give a wider cloth. These larger pieces are usually made to commission as are other wall hung work which have developed from the same traditional patterns as the scarves. The use of finer thread allows light to filter through the cloth. Taking this idea of fine threads and light and new for 2017 there will be a small number of silk scarves.

insta 100x100