Elizabeth Shorrock

I am a mixed media artist specialising in the creation of handmade books, some of these are intended for practical use as notebooks and sketchbooks. Many, however, come into the category of artists books. I enjoy experimenting with different folding methods and book structures to create artwork that the viewer can interact with and explore. My inspiration comes from the flower rich in meadows of cumbria, the yorkshire dales and the hebridean machair and I interpret this in linocuts. I began by layering two or sometimes three plates to create the sense of profusion and initially used only shades of grey. More recently I have been using vivid colours, often in rainbow rolls and instead of carving away the background and leaving the design in relief I have been carving the design into the lino so that it is the background that prints leaving the design to show up either in the paper colour or overprinting it onto a previously printed block of colour.

Website: www.elizabethshorrock.co.uk

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