Samantha Groom. Printmaker


I create bold and colourful woodcut, linocut, stamp & screen prints. I hand-print all my work onto paper, laser-cut MDF & fabric to make framed prints, free standing & wall hanging artwork and homewares such as lampshades.

I develop my ideas using drawing and collage, simplifying and arranging the shapes, forms and patterns.

I like to experiment with arranging and re-arranging each individually hand-cut piece of wood & lino, having fun with various colour combinations to produce different designs for each print. Because of this way of working, many of my prints are one-off pieces.

I am inspired by what I see around me, my local community, the park, local buildings, changing seasons; and at home, the toys and books, some ordinary household items, a vase of flowers, an old ornament. Recently I have been making collages of abstract forms, animals and figures using my recycled prints and I am utilising off-cuts of lino and wood to develop these ideas into print.


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