SaraBuk Jewellery


My work is mainly in sterling silver. I love the versatility of it, how such a strong unyielding material can be manipulated in so many ways into so many different forms. I often oxidise parts of my work for contrast and I add texture using various hammer strokes and by rolling with different materials. I like to use small touches of gold and gold plating here and there.

The Sewn-Up range was created when I bought a basketful of embroidery threads from a charity shop, so many colours, and many of them vintage. I wanted to incorporate them into my jewellery, to add colour and texture. I also had a collection of pebbles gathered from many beaches over many years, the ones with a white line of quartz running through them. The Sewn-Up collection was the outcome of these two ideas, pebble shaped pieces with coloured quartz stitches. The silver discs are embossed with a sandpaper texture, created using traditional techniques. The end result is a study of line and form, with soft subtle textures in contrast with bright bold thread, creating a lively and bold simplicity to the pieces.


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