Anji Timlin

My paintings are inspired by the wild and ever-changing weather and light in this Pennine landscape.

In my work my intent is to respond to the spirit of a place, and how I feel as part of that place, from the high moors to the ruined mills. I’m interested in the remains of heavy industry and the traces of the human footprint in the post-industrial fringes of Bradford and Keighley: Auto-rewilding, anarchic, weedy and exuberant. I love the edgelands here, where nature has returned to tear at the hems of our towns.

By exploring ways of expressing this in colour and texture, I aim to capture how this place feels to me in the moment, and to evoke a response in others, through the familiarity of the subject matter. I hope to connect with the people, animals and the stories that have passed through here before, the everyday weather, and the atmosphere. I work expressionistically in acrylic or gouache to create a snapshot of a moment in time and of place.  By doing this, I hope to make joyous art that resonates with others.

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