Marcela Livingston


Marcela Livingston makes Sacpots; colourful, ethical planting systems made in recyclable polypropylene designed to be filled with soil and moulded by you. Tactile and individual, Sacpots are created to be tough, resilient and light.  Sacpots are fun to shape and fill and can be placed inside or outside.

Sacpots are plant friendly: The flexible, hard-wearing fabric stretches to accommodate root growth, the knitted surface adds an insulating layer using trapped pockets of air, and the elasticated neck cuts down evaporation requiring less watering, less often into barely damp soil. Dispatched with a liner in a post box friendly envelope, the washable pots will store flat after use. Available in more than 300 appealing colour mixes, Sacpots make personal a long-lasting gift.

How I made the first Sacpot
Research began after becoming interested in developing a skin for a new sculpting style requiring extreme outdoor performance properties and a wide range of colours. The first test piece of the new fabric was so lightweight I had to weigh it down using matching soil-filled sacks only to find these could be easily modelled into any shape I wanted. These pots were taking advantage of all the fabric had to give and I was shaping my first Sacpots!

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