Oliver Neilson

My work is about mixing captured energies , surreal colours , different time periods...

I am an artist who has exhibited in Shipley and Saltaire frequently in the past. As a weekly visitor to Shipley and a former resident I have had the chance over the years to both salvage former fixtures - cupboard doors which are original terrace house fittings, period wallpaper , various objects and even the original Shipley Market signage that was taken down circa 2013. I also make new work in the area via photography of the local woodland ( Hirst Woods, Northcliffe Woods, Shipley Glen, Crowgill Park, canal and river).

Ten years ago I won the Artsmix Emerging Artist award in Leeds and since then I have had about a dozen solo exhibitions, selling dozens of pieces ( the majority of which were once discarded materials ) featured work in a number of TV shows as set dressing and props (currently Emmerdale ) I have made several music videos , art for albums , live art for gigs, posters and produced personal commissions.