Saltaire Photogrid

In 2016 Yorkshire based photographer Tom Marsh, also known as ‘The Flat Capped Photographer,’ decided to document every square kilometre of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, in awe inspiring photographs. Enlisting the help of over 200 amateur and professional photographers, images were made where the grid lines of an OS Explorer Map intersected. The result was a photographic cross section of diversity, showing the area’s rugged beauty, industrial history and contemporary rural life.

During 2020 and 2021 Tom is bringing the Grid Project idea to Saltaire. Saltaire is not just a World Heritage site, it is a unique village, which combines a rich industrial history with beautiful countryside and a modern suburban lifestyle.

Saltaire Photogrid invites photographers from all walks of life, amateur and professional alike, to document this unique location like never before. The village and surrounding area has been mapped, and a grid marked out. We are looking for photographers to make a photograph on, or as close to as possible, each point at which the gridlines intersect. Full creative licence will be given to each individual to document a point in their own unique way.

By taking people off the beaten track to multiple single points of focus, Saltaire Photogrid not only documents a cross section of a varied area, it also captures the diverse nature of the people behind the camera. This fascinating combination is sure to depict a side to Saltaire we have never seen before. Whether you have a smartphone or a drone, get involved and add your chapter to Saltaire’s story.

Saltaire Photogrid was launched as part of Saltaire Arts Trail's 2020 Digital Programme and the resulting work will be exhibited at Saltaire Arts Trail in May 2021.

Saltaire Photogrid
will run from now until next May for Saltaire Arts Trail 2021. Anyone can take part at any time. Visit as many or as few of the intersecting grid lines as you like and submit as many photos as you please. We encourage as many people of different ages, backgrounds and experiences to take part as possible. There is no problem with different people making photographs of the same grid line location - the more the merrier!
> Photogrid map (jpeg)
> Participation Terms & Conditions (pdf)
Email your submissions to Please quote the grid line and letter (using our map) that you have photographed and include your contact details.