Suzanne Claire Jewellery

Handcrafted contemporary jewellery - French Knitted. Crocheted. Stitched. Woven.

Suzanne Claire is a designer / maker of contemporary jewellery based at the edge of the Peak District in Bollington Cheshire.

There’s always one common theme at the heart of Suzanne’s creativity – textiles. Using silver chain, wire and sheet as alternatives to thread, wool and fabric, Suzanne handcrafts beautiful tactile French knitted, crocheted, embroidered and woven jewellery. Each piece is characterised by a slinky movement and feel to the skin, or is visually enlivened by the manipulation of the original surface texture. Splashes of colour are added through semi-precious beads and threads, giving each creation a playful quality.

Other videos on Suzanne's Youtube channel:
> French knitting chain necklaces
> Slinky french knitted chain
> Crochet chain necklace in the making
> The making of my pinhead studs

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