Paula Dunn

LOCATION: Resident Artist at 6 Harold Place *work on display in greenhouse*

Atmospheric landscapes in oils and mixed media.

The weather and its impact on the landscape plays a significant part in Paula’s work. She plays with combinations of colours, textures and expressive marks to create mood, atmosphere, drama.

“When I start a painting I have no end point in mind. I paint intuitively, focusing first on the desire to work with particular colours. This experimental part of the process is like building the foundations of the painting. Layering colour and texture through mark making. Adding glazes to create depth and atmosphere. At times my landscapes are almost abstracted.”

The Saltaire Sunflower Challenge
Last year in response to lockdown we got a little green fingered and created the Saltaire Sunflower Challenge. It’s coming back again this year so pop along to 6 Harold Place to pick up your sunflower seedling and have a gander at our exhibition in our snazzy greenhouse. To update us on your sunflower’s progress hop on over to Instagram and follow the @SaltaireSunflowerChallenge. Let’s paint this village green!

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